Amber + Kelly : Montana Luv’n

Amber and Kelly, their friends and families ARE the season I do this, I document, in a creative, intuitive way, people experiencing each other, sometimes for the first time creating community with shared love as it’s foundation, sure not all weddings create this energy, some are hijacked by the parents to show their community their power and bling but more often than not, weddings create magic, where people feel safe to love and just be, name me where else in the world this happens on a regular basis? This is why I specialize in wedding filmmaking rather than long ago going back to my hometown, Hollywood and be a gun for hire, shooting, directing advertising for the fortune 500 cartel, with a house in the hills just like my parents on Mulholland Dr for what? To push the drug of consumerism? To keep people enslaved to a lower vibration? I would much rather work with high vibe couples like Amber and Kelly, who had me smiling and laughing the whole time. Plus I get toward with world class photographer like the incredibly talented Dylan Howell.

A testimonial from Kelly.

“Holy cow, what an amazing experience and finished product! My wife and I felt incredibly comfortable and at ease during our entire wedding event. You know how hard that is for someone to feel comfortable when you know you are being filmed (and normally are incredibly self conscious)? Mitch is wonderfully positive and professional. The turnaround took two months and if you are patient (knowing that it won’t be a two week turnaround), I promise you will receive perfection”

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