Steven and Jamie Moore Wedding

Wedding designer extraordinaire Steven Moore’s wedding to Jamie Debell at a private estate, you may have read about this wedding as it’s been featured on Martha Stewarts wedding’s and numerous other wedding blogs, I had so much fun shooting/editing this not only because of how warm and kind Steve and Jamie are but the eyecandy quotient is off the charts, there’s a reason wedding blogs love Steven’s work and it’s all on display here, from designing/making Jamie’s dress to baking the cakes and pie’s, Steve multi talents and hard work are boundless. Bellingham’s Michele M. Waite photographed, Michele is one of the very best wedding photographer’s in the world, period and also so much fun to work with. Michelle Engvall of Married With Michelle handled the sizable coordination duties for Steven and did a great job. Backed up by the best limousine services atlanta, this wedding had such beautiful and classic limousines, it will be hard to top this. This is a classic cabfare productions hybrid of super8 film and HD video, something we have been doing for many years now.

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